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by GurneyHalleck

Someone took the time to translate one of my comics into Polish and posted it on some Polish website:

Someone in the comments referenced my original post, so that was nice, too!

Happy New Year!
by GurneyHalleck

Happy New Year all!  I'm happy to have stuck with this comic for one full year now.  Thank you everyone for reading.  Here's to more robots, science, death, and other random nerd humor in 2014!  



(reddit user name: gurneyhalleck3141)

by GurneyHalleck

Wow, 50 comics.  Thanks to all the readers for following along this long!

Why God why?
by GurneyHalleck

So I saw that some poor soul stumbled upon this blog page and had only one pathetic entry to read.  This post will double the count of pathetic entries for future visitors...

by GurneyHalleck

Today I saw more than 500 hits on the site for the first time.  Many thanks to all the readers!

best host EVAH!